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Pics of Exiles CMMA activities

Last changed on Mar 18, 2002. This album contains 65 items.

*HACA Euro Event 2001, Krakow*
A few pictures from this great event hosted by the Brotherhood of Eagles Nests (BEN) in Krakow, Poland. Teachers were Bartlomiej Walczak (BEN) in Codex Wallerstein (longsword and falchion), Luca Porzio (HACA Rome) in Marozzo's longsword, Colin Richards (Way of the Sword) in general principles and Matt Easton (The Exiles CMMA) in Fiore dei Liberi's dagger.

Last changed on Nov 19, 2001. This album contains 15 items.

*Training with Albion Academy of Armes*
Some pictures from a small informal training session with the Albion Academy of Armes, with Mark Hillyard and Martin Austwick (Oz) showing principles of Silver, and some assorted free-fencing. Accompanying this session was the Albion Academy's first annual dinner. Many of these photos are courtesy of Susan Boulton, a SwordForum International staff member.

Last changed on Nov 13, 2001. This album contains 26 items.

Test-Cutting Page
Test-Cutting is a vital and important part of the study of western swordsmanship, just as with Japanese swordsmanship. If we do not learn to actually cut, with sharp replica or original swords, then it is hard for us to learn proper edge-alignment, and simply to conceive what it means to cut an object or person. It teaches us many things about intent as well, and this is something which we then try to take back into our training, whether it is practicing drills or sparring. These first photos are from our recent visit to the Albion Academy of Armes, but more photos will follow from other test-cutting session, again varying types of target and with different types of sword. The types of target used are varied and all have advantages and disadvantages, and we have to thank group like the HACA for pioneering the study of test-cutting with European swords.

Last changed on Nov 25, 2001. This album contains 19 items.

Oxford Event - January 2002
This Event was a workshop day, which included Stuart Huntley, Gary Stewart, Mark Hillyard, and Rob Lovett displaying and working through some of their interpretations and practises. Groups attending included The School of the Sword, Cut and Thrust Schoole of Defense, Albion Academy of Armes, Boar's Tooth and many more. There are no pictures of The Exiles in this Album at this event, at this time.

Last changed on Apr 05, 2002. This album contains 36 items.
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