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Some of The Exiles Creq at the beginning of 2002. From the Rear Left Chris "Clone" Webb, Matt "I thought about it I must be right!" Easton, Tony "Raggerty", Mark "That's Happy not Hippy" Lancaster, Mark "I can't do it" Berryman. Bottom Left to Right: Big Bad Bazza, Mad Maltese Nick, John "Skippy" Dodd, Craig "Ninja Gnome", Mike the Artist. Just some of the happy crew.
Mark B, In Posta with a Lutel.
Mark Cuts from Posta di Donna variation in previous picture, ends up to wide - this looks more like Pasta than Posta! Only Joking Mark.
Mark B in Posta Finestra.
Chris Clone practising with The Exiles - how many more clones are there - will the real Chris Webb please stand up!
The Clone covers the attack from the Mad Maltese Nick, and begins to enter to close range Plays applying the First Master of Dagger.
Mike finishes what the Clone started in the previous picture.
First, there was the Two Ronnies, now we have The Two Marks - Mark Lancaster and Mark B.
Mark trying to gain entry under cover, and apply the First Master of Dagger to the situation.
Mark doing the same but from the side.


I think I see Chris trying to slip into a Ligadura Mezana there.....
It looks like Chris' 1st Dagger Master counter is not going to work, because Mark's dagger has been lifted, and I suspect Chris is about to get stabbed in the chest.
Chris, not being able to apply the 1st play of the 1st Master of Dagger, has brought his right hand into play, to force Mark's arm around. From here he can do many different techniques.

Ligadura Mezana
Mark went to apply the Ligadura Mezana to Chris, but got too close. He thought it would be a good idea to smack Chris in the face from here, so that's what he did!
Rob steps in to show how the Ligadura Mezana should be applied. Mark has been locked so well that he has dropped his dagger on the floor. - Matt I would just like to add to this, that although I recovered the situation - I had not applied the Ligadura Mezana properly in that it is to close to my body. - Rob
Chris does his Ligadura Mezzana. Mark bends over to stop his elbow getting dislocated!
John Dodd, explaining to one of our newest members the First Master of Dagger.
Our newest member attempting the technique of the First Master of Dagger.
Jeff Basham (HACA) in front of the Wallace Collection.
Jeff Basham (HACA) demonstrating a thrust from Posta di Fenestre (Window Position) or Ochs.
John Clements (HACA Director) doing a drill in front of the Wallace Collection.
John Clements (HACA Director) conducting more drill.
From left to right; Oz, Rob, Me (Matt), and Chris. We went to the Battle of Tewkesbury for some fun - The only reenactment event we attended in 2000.
Oz (right) shows Chris (centre) and myself (left) some of the guards from I.33, a sword and buckler manual from c.1300, kept in the Royal Armouries.
Experimenting with transitioning through the thrusting posta of Posta Breve, Posta Bichorno and Posta Longa. Also moving between these while traversing - hence learning to defend from a thrust and return one.
Oz shows more guards from I.33. These guards can also be found in other sword and buckler sources, including period artwork.
Showing in slow how to 'break' Chris' thrust, by traversing off line and beating his blade downwards.

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