*HACA Euro Event 2001, Krakow*

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Bart addresses the attendees and introduces Codex Wallerstein
Codex Wallerstein (Bart in red)

A halfsword throw.
Luca (right) discusses principles, using Ross (left) as his fall-guy.

Ross and Federico explore principles of footwork and eight distribution, showing that one cannot push with force when the rear heel is lifted.
Luca (right) and Federico show a sequence of Technique's from Achille Marozzo's Opera Nova. Marozzo's longsword was a related tradition to Fiore dei Liberi's.
Federico (left) deflects a thrust in the fashion of Achille Marozzo. This was part of a much larger sequence interpretted from the original text by Luca and Federico.
Matt (right) shows dagger techniques from Fiore dei Liberi's Fior di Battaglia.
A rebatte of a stab followed by a thrust.
Chris (left) attempted to grab me, I locked his arm, using the turn to prevent him from stabbing me.
Many of the participants had left before this leaving photo was taken, on the sunday evening. All the demonstrators/teachers can be seen here, as well as Colin Richards and Eleonora Litta (main translator of Fior di Battaglia by Fiore dei Liberi).

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