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Mark Hillyard of Albion Academy of Arms prepares to decapitate a pumpkin using a sharp Armour Class riding sword.
HIs cut was a shallow fendente from the right, and passed effortlessly through the pumpkin.
Chris Webb of The Exiles CMMA split the remaining half of the pumpkin with a quick 'flick' cut fendente with his Del Tin 5143 longsword.
Oz (Martin Austwick) of Albion Academy and The Exiles CMMA prepares to execute a shallow fendente from the right against a thick postal cardboard tube (a common item used in test-cutting).
Oz cuts, and the tube comes free from its stand with the blade stuck half way through.
Again his cut sinks into the tube and stops half-way. He is using the Armour Class riding sword.
Oz executed another excellent cut, this time getting the Armour Class mortuary sword (mid 17thC style) stuck half-way into the tube.
Feeling smug with his cutting performance, and loving the riding sword, Oz decided to have a cigarette! Naughty boy..
Oz looking smug again, due to virtually bisecting the cardboard tube, though this was due to other cuts that had hit this tube. Cardboard tubes of this type are *very* hard to slice completely through.
Mark Hillyard executes a mezzani (horizontal) cut from the left (backhand) at the tube, with the razor-sharp mortuary sword.
The follow-through from a mezzani (horizontal) cut. This wide-space is one of the flaws of the mezzani. It could be a factor why manuals tend to show mainly fendente (downwards angle), which leave you in a better position.
Mark shows off the results of a well-executed mezzani from the left. This cut could also be done with the false (back) edge.
I (Matt Easton) look smug at the reults of a clean fendente from the right.
Oz thrusts. Thrusts against a pumpkin meet little resistance, even though neither of the two sword used here were strictly-speaking thrusting swords.
Mark thrusts, and the slightly greater resistance offered to the mortuary sword is shown here by the fact that the stand is falling away from the impact.
Matt (Albion Academy of Arms) executes a thrust without passing footwork or stepping at all. This reduces the penetration, but still penetrates easily.
Colin Richards test cutting at Ross Dean's garden. He uses Ross' custom sword, with Angus Trim 1506 blade and a hilt by Armour Class. The cutting material is a piece of lead sheet! Colin cuts fendente from the right, from Posta di Donna.
The Angus Trim 1506 blade and the sheet of lead after the blade cut it.
A small mpeg movie of Colin executing the fendente with traversing footwork. Ross Dean is filming and his voice is on the movie. This is quick to load.

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