Oxford Event - January 2002

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Mark Hillyard, of Albion Academy of Armes, discussing why Silver's True Fight is best performed while drinking cups of tea.
Mark Hillyard prepares to recieve a blow as would a re-enactor trying to interpret Silver, thus highlighting the problems faced when interpreting treatises. He is ably assisted by Mr. Austwick, otherwise known as Oz.
Mark Hillyard, recieving a blow from Oz, this time do it in with intent and focus. In this picture he will recieve a blow to the outside which he will move away from and strike down on top of the incoming blow.
This time Mr Hillyard, Sir deomstrates the use of distance and the exploitation of somebody when they are lying spent.
Staurt Huntley, of Cut and Thrust School of Defense - looking suave and sophisticated, as usual.
Staurt discusses length's of blade using Silver's reccomendations - one of his favourite subjects - only pulling your leg Stuart!
Stuart Huntley begins a demonstration of Rapier and Dagger Combat.
Stuart demonstrates Rapier and Dagger, thrusting at his opponent, who will parry the Rapier with the dagger.
Stuart's opponent parries the rapier and replies with a thrust with his own rapier, which Stuart turns using his own dagger. Is this a stalemate?

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