The Exiles - 10th Birthday Bash - May 2002

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Oz, from Albion Academy, demonstrates his understanding of Silver's Single sword, before moving onto use of dagger and buckler in the style of Silver.
Darn, that Oz is a swift mover!
Oz - bearing down on a blow, opening the big guy up for an attack.
Oz, casually avoids an attack, saying "You attack is like that of a small child, clansman, slow and clumsy!" I bet I have the quote wrong as well!
Oz demonstrates his superior knowledge, by attacking the extremity while lying spent, having avioded the blow, keeping himself safe.
Use of the Bastard True Guard. Notice how Oz comes off line putting space between himself and my sword, whilst still in a position to offend. What a guy! Makes you cry! And I did!
Oz finishes the previous move by thrusting at me - remember for a Fight to be True then it must include both the cut and the thrust.
Oz - tells the time! Well actually, Oz is showing a defense with a sword and dagger.
Oz flicks the Big Guys sword to one side with the dagger, thus freeing his own blade to attack. Notice how tired Oz is, notice that Oz is wearing an SFI T-shirt.

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