1 March 2003 - Introduction to Historical European Martial Arts (Exiles hosted event)

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Group shot at the end of the day. Not everyone who attended is here, some having to leave early, unfortunately.
Rogues Gallery: From the left - Milo Thurston (Linacre), Rob Lovett (Exiles), Gary Stewart (Schoole of the Sword), Mark Berryman (Exiles), Jonathan Miller (Linacre), Mark Hillyard (Albion), Peter Rostron (Albion), Martin (Oz) Austwick (Albion), Ian Williams (Albion).
Oz - getting very passionate about I.33
Oz - gets about, explaining the proper way to cover.
Sword and Buckler - I.33
Sword and Buckler - I.33 - Martin Austwick and Ian Wright demonstrate to enthralled bucklers.
A full session, enjoyed by all.
Sword and buckler should always move together with I.33
Stepping in to make the cut - these guys worked hard!

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